Be a Member of Our Happiness Movement

Happy Science offers membership for those interested in studying Ryuho Okawa’s teachings to advance further in their personal growth and to become part of an active community working together to practice sharing happiness with others.

Why Be a Member of Happy Science?

All Happy Science members aim to study the spiritual Truth from Ryuho Okawa's teachings and practice exploring their minds each day. This practice is called: the Exploration of the Right Mind. Also, members practice the Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress. This is the modern path to improving ourselves, discovering true happiness and bringing positive changes in our life. Through these efforts, members can receive the right guidance based on wisdom that leads to the deepening of their spirituality. Happy Science is open to anyone who has an aspiration to learn, attain happiness and to share that happiness with others.

There are many members who, before they discovered Happy Science, suffered from severe life difficulties such as illness, depression, bankruptcy or relationship problems. However, once they began to study and put into practice these teachings of Truth, to reflect on their life and gain wisdom from their insights, they could guide their lives toward a more positive direction. Members become experts in life through understanding the true meaning of existence: one founded on the path to genuine happiness.

How to Be a Member of Happy Science?

If you would like to apply for membership, please click on the SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP button below.

You will receive the Welcome Pack (includes the Welcome Booklet, ePrayer Book and registration to our Words of Wisdom eNewsletter).

Online membership donation is $10.

(a one-time Happiness Planting* donation of $10 is to be paid online at the time of registration. If you would like to donate a greater contribution to our organization, that is also welcome.) You can also join us as a member by visiting your nearest Happy Science. (For advanced seekers of Truth, you can also join as a Devotee Member at your nearest Happy Science.)