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Section 1
El Cantare—The Origin of His Name

At Happy Science, we believe in Lord El Cantare. In the “Prayer to El Cantare,” it is said that El Cantare is “The united consciousness of Buddha and God” and that He is “The Highest God of this planet Earth.” Here, we will take a clear look into the meaning of the holy name, El Cantare.

Who is El Cantare?

The grand spirit that stands above all is called El Cantare, and He has guided humanity with the greatest authority in the Earth Spirit Group. El Cantare has been responsible for Earth from time immemorial before human beings were created, and He is a being in whom God and Buddha are united. A part of the consciousness of El Cantare was born as Gautama Siddhartha or Shakyamuni Buddha in India.

The word El means light, and Cantare means land or Earth, so El Cantare means the Earth filled with light

As the highest spirit of the Earth Spirit Group, El Cantare has the greatest responsibility for this group and He makes the final decisions about the destiny of humankind.

(On The Mission, Chapter 1)

The many historical Gods are actually El Cantare

“Lord God” in Christianity,
“Elohim” in Judaism,
“Allah” in Islam,
“Tiandi,” or the emperor in heaven,
Referred to by Confucius of China,
And the Creator God “Ame-no-Mioya-Gami,”
Whose profile remains unknown in Japanese Shinto,
Are all the same, single Being.”

(The Laws of Faith, Chapter 6)

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Another Meaning of “El Cantare”

Cantare is the origin of the Italian word cantata—which comes from the word that means “to sing”—and El Cantare means “God sings.” Also, in Latin, cantare means “to enchant.” God’s power of enchantment is believed to be the power of love that embraces humanity, the power of mercy, the power of divinity, and the power of miracle. We are taught that El Cantare has a mystical power to save the people, so He is the One who exerts the power of God to protect humanity on the entire Earth.

Lord El Cantare’s Branch Spirits

Section 2
Lord El Cantare’s Branch Spirits

Lord El Cantare is an enormous consciousness in the heavenly world. At the key turning points of past civilizations, He sent His branch spirits to earth numerous times to preach the teachings and guide humanity.

His Core Consciousness and Branch Spirits

From time to time, this massive body of energy called El Cantare sent parts of His consciousness into this world.

The energy body of El Cantare is so enormous that it is impossible for His entire energy to descend to earth, so He sent parts of His consciousness to earth to take on a human form and express His thoughts and parts of His religious characters.

Every individual spirit is El Cantare Himself, but each spirit expresses only one aspect of El Cantare, not His entirety. El Cantare is like a cut diamond, which has many facets.

(What We Worship, Master and Shoja)

Various beings with connections to El Cantare

Some ancient gods whose names are still known today are related to El Cantare, such as the Sky God Anu of ancient Sumer. It is also believed that Pangu, the primordial being and creator of ancient China, is Ame-no-Mioya-Gami. Furthermore, Buddha is said to be an avatar of Vishnu, the highest God of ancient India. Once, in Master Okawa’s dream, he was recognized as the highest God in the Spirit World of India. At that time, his name was Surya, the Sun God.

(Refer to My Journey through the Spirit World)

The Descent of Lord El Cantare and His Branch Spirits

El Cantare the God of the Earth


El Cantare the God of the Earth

Master Ryuho Okawa


[330 million years ago]


Creator of Earth


[150 million years ago]


The God who established the value standards of good and evil.

Ra Mu Ra Mu

[Mu continent, 17,000 years ago]

Ra Mu

The political and religious leader who led the Mu civilization to its peak.

Thoth Thoth

[Atlantis, 12,000 years ago]


The almighty leader who led the Atlantis civilization to flourish in all aspects.

Rient Arl Croud Rient Arl Croud

[Ancient Incan Empire, 7,000 years ago]

Rient Arl Croud

The king of the ancient Incan Empire who preached the mystical aspects of the world of the mind.

Ophealis (Osiris) Ophealis

[Greece, 6,500 years ago]

Ophealis (Osiris)

The king of Greece and the forefather of Egyptian civilization who possessed great spiritual powers and was a political and military genius.

Hermes Hermes

[Greece, 4,300 years ago]


The religious leader who taught love and progress, who was also the king who built a great prosperity sphere in the Mediterranean. He was a hero who created the origin of Western civilization.

Gautama Siddhartha Gautama Siddhartha

[India, 2,500 years ago]

Gautama Siddhartha

The founder of Buddhism who attained the highest level of enlightenment of humankind and became Buddha.


Ame-no-Mioya-Gami, the Japanese Father God

Ame-no-Mioya-Gami, the Japanese Father God, who appears in the ancient document Hotsuma Tsutae, is the oldest God of Japan who is close to the core consciousness of El Cantare. 30,000 years ago in Japan, He landed at the foot of Mt. Fuji from Andromeda on a large fleet with around 200,000 human-type space beings.
He established the Fuji Dynasty and built the Ame-no-Mioya-Gami civilization that later spread to all of Asia.
Appearance-wise, He was an 80-ft tall sumo-wrestler-like Being who taught the heart of respect, obedience, harmony, the difference between heaven and hell, and how men and women can maintain harmony and brought the bushido spirit to Earth. Gora, in Hakone, Japan is a land that is deeply connected to Ame-no-Mioya-Gami.
Happy Science will build his memorial hall there.

(Refer to The Descent of Japanese Father God Ame-no-Mioya-Gami)

The First Descent the Creator God of the Earth: Alpha

Section 3
The First Descent the Creator God of the Earth: Alpha

330 million years ago, one of the core consciousnesses of El Cantare descended to earth under the name “Alpha” and preached the Laws. He carried out the mission of the Creator God. At the time, there were aggression and wars occurring between the humanoid beings from other planets and Earthlings. So Alpha brought them together under His teaching and taught them how they should live as Earthlings.

Humankind on Earth united as one under “The Laws of Alpha”

The first group of space people arrived from Zeta of the Magellanic Clouds. They lived amongst the humans who had been created on Earth. Around that time, people were in danger of the first conflicts between different races on Earth, or a world war. At the time of such crisis, Alpha descended to integrate the conflicting values and establish a common value system for Earth.

If different types of space people tried to instill their own culture from their mother planet on Earth, it would cause confusion. Therefore, it was necessary to define the Truth that was right for Earth and decide the direction of Truth for Earth.

As the God of the Earth, Alpha taught Earth’s inhabitants to devote themselves to the teachings and made this the condition for them to become Earth people. This was how Alpha unified the human species born on Earth and the immigrants from outer space under the same set of Laws.

(The Laws of Faith, Chapter 5)

Going back over 300 million years from now, one of the consciousnesses of the core part of El Cantare, or one of His mainstream consciousnesses, was born on earth for the first time through physical manifestation. He is the one who we address as Alpha. The name Alpha meant what it means today: the beginning or the origin.

(The Laws of Alpha)

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The Second Descent the God Who Established What is Good and Evil: Elohim

Section 4
The Second Descent the God Who Established What is Good and Evil: Elohim

150 million years ago, many people on Earth were less interested in the Spirit World, and the lower realm that later became the current hell started to form in the Spirit World. That is why the core consciousness of El Cantare descended for the second time under the name Elohim. He taught mercy and the difference between light and darkness and good and evil, which became the value standard on Earth.

Elohim, you are the origin of love Elohim,you are the justice itself Our Lord God preaches about love and justice And He will create harmony and peace.

(From the song, Elohim’s Theme)

The age when faith was first taught

Elohim: I think it was during our time that for the very first time, people were taught faith in the true sense. I had to decide what love, justice, and Truth were on Earth. When the values of different beings who had come from outer space conflicted with each other, I had to decide which values to choose or not to choose. I think this eventually became the standard to divide heaven and hell.

(The Descent of Elohim, Chapter 2)

The Foundation of Modern Democracy

Elohim taught the governing principles that would allow people to rule a country or the world while incorporating different opinions. His political ideas included freedom and equality, which are also the foundation of modern democracy. He taught that, “as equal children of God, humans should seek prosperity based on freedom.” Elohim also taught that humans must always remember to devote themselves to the Great Being.

(The Laws Of Messiah, Chapter 1)

The age of Elohim and the establishment of global justice

Elohim lived in an egg-shaped palace. The city he lived in was known as the “Capital of Water.” It was an international city with many foreign trades taking place. There was a residential district for space people. The city was near where Saudi Arabia is currently located. In an age when the values between Earthlings and space people began to create division and great confusion, Elohim drew a sharp line between good and evil on Earth and established global justice. During combat, Elohim grew white wings, and a ruby-colored “third eye” would open vertically and emit beams.

(Refer to The Descent of Elohim)

Elohim, the God of Love, mentioned in the Old Testament

Elohim is a name that is mentioned in the root of world religions. He is mentioned in the Old Testament (God of El), and in Islam, some people pray to Elohim. He was originally “the God of Love” that encompassed the entire Middle East. The key to overcoming conflicts between religions is to understand that Elohim and El Cantare—who has currently descended—are the same being.

(Refer to The Laws of Faith, Chapter 4)

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The Third Descent Lord El Cantare Master Ryuho Okawa

Section 5
The Third Descent Lord El Cantare Master Ryuho Okawa

The Earth is currently in a crisis due to the spread of atheism and materialism. Various issues are arising, such as the rise of democracy without God, coronavirus, natural disasters, wars, AI surveillance society, totalitarianism and nuclear weapons. And in the Spirit World, hell is expanding. To overcome this crisis and guide humankind to the space age, the Lord has made His third descent after 150 million years.

To save Earth from its final crisis

Now, the world population is almost eight billion people. If more than half of them, the majority, have wrong thoughts, or, in other words, if they are trying to create a world without faith, this will invite a repercussion. So, before it happens, I truly want to change humanity’s way of thinking.

I believe this is the work of the Savior.

(The Laws Of Messiah, Chapter 1)

Please firmly establish El Cantare Belief, now, in this modern age. Make sure to establish El Cantare Belief not only in Japan but also across the world.

It means to believe that the being now called “El Cantare” was Alpha—the Creator of Earth—and Elohim—the One who established justice in this world—and that now, He is trying to fight against the final crisis of Earth.

(The Laws of Hell, Chapter 5)

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El Cantare Is the Master of All Gods

Section 6
El Cantare Is the Master of All Gods

Happy Science was established after many high spirits from the heavenly world came to Master Okawa, telling him that “Now is the time to stand” and pleading with him to preach the Truth to people. And now, over 500 spirits from different ages and religions have formed a supporting spirit group and are assisting the movement. We have never seen such a large supporting group. This already speaks to us about the kind of existence Lord El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa, is.

What kind of being is the Supreme God?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded on monotheism. They carried out their missionary work with the belief that all gods other than theirs are false. As a result, they have achieved great success in their missionary work but at the same time, caused hatred to spread among each other.

The truth is that there is not only one God. In fact, there are a large number of high spirits who can be called “gods.” There are, of course, fewer high spirits in the higher realms of the Spirit World, and the most holy spiritual being is the Supreme God. This is the truth.

(Love, Confidence, and Courage, Chapter 1)

It is clearly mistaken to say that only one god is right and the rest are wrong. However, it is also true that there are different ranks of gods. I have taught you that El Cantare is the Supreme God of the planet Earth.

(The Laws of Salvation, Chapter 4)

The Supreme God and the other gods

There are many other beings known as gods, archangels, angels, Tathagatas and Bodhisattvas, who form a group as El Cantare’s fellow comrades. They work in accordance with the Will of El Cantare, each carrying out their allocated tasks. Such system exists.

(How to Become a Chosen One, Chapter 1)

El Cantare is the Master of Shambhala

El Cantare is the Master of Shambhala

The Master or the top leader of Shambhala on Earth is El Cantare? the part of El Cantare that does not appear in this world.

(The Laws Of Messiah, Chapter 4)

Shambhala (currently located below Mt. Everest or somewhere around it) is the spiritual center of Earth, where messiah-certified or savior-certified beings must undergo initiation before becoming qualified. They are given the chance to undergo training to attain spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Messages―the proof of the spiritual world and the Supreme God

Happy Science has taken spiritual messages from beings across all ages, races, and religions and has published some of them in over 600 books. This shows how Happy Science respects various individuality and is a tolerant and peaceful religion. Also, the fact that Master Okawa can summon any high spirits proves that he is the highest spirit of the Earth Spirit Group.

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