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Our Faith


Happy Science believers have a strong faith in the God of the earth, El Cantare. A part of him was born as Shakyamuni Buddha. In the Old Testament, El Cantare is known as Elohim, and he also represents the ancient legend of “The Tree of Life.” All religions originally come from one source – El Cantare, the being that designed this world with love. A part of El Cantare resides within Master Okawa, and is guiding humanity to create a world of harmony and prosperity.

The word El means light and Cantare means land or earth, so El Cantare means the beautiful land of light, earth.

The Mission of Lord El Cantare

The mission of Lord El Cantare is to bring salvation to all living creatures through a worldwide revelation of the Truth. El Cantare’s role is twofold: one side represented by the Amitabha (The Savior), consisting of love, compassion, and faith; the other side represented by the Mahavairocana (The Essence of Buddha), which is enlightenment, spiritual learning and the secret knowledge of the spiritual domain. Lord El Cantare has a mission to reorganize the high spirits in heaven, while also integrating all the various religions on earth to create a new world religion. He has a mission to gather all the people of the world into this new faith, to witness the development of a new civilization, and to herald the advent of a new age for the world.

Lord El Cantare is the greatest being responsible for the planet earth, and everyone living in this age is witnessing a miracle, which happens only once in hundreds and thousands of years.

El Cantare’s Name Revealed to Humanity for the First Time

The existence of El Cantare has been revealed for the first time. This has long been the secret of Heaven… until today, where communication and advancement in information and transportation technology continues to bring the world closer together. As the world population swells towards ten billion, the time has come to reveal the Truth about the supreme God of this earth – how he has led humankind from the very beginning and how he intends to guide people now and into the future. It is time to unify the world under the name of one God – Lord El Cantare.

El Cantare’s Past Incarnations

It is the third time in about 400 million years of human history for the core consciousness of El Cantare to descend to earth. The first time was about 330 million years ago, when he was called Alpha; and in his second incarnation about 150 million years ago, his name was Elohim. However, his brother souls (branch spirits) have incarnated on earth more frequently and founded a new era, and hoped for humanity each time. The following were his past five incarnations.

17,000 years ago – Ra Mu in Mu Continent

12,000 years ago – Thoth in Atlantis

7,000 years ago – Rient Arl Croud in ancient Inca Empire

6,500 years ago – Ophealis in Greece

4,300 years ago – Hermes in Crete Island, Greece

2,600 years ago – Gautama Siddhartha (known as Shakyamuni Buddha) in Nepal and India.

Master Ryuho Okawa is the reincarnation of the highly revered Shakyamuni Buddha. While alive, Shakyamuni Buddha himself prophesized about the future Buddha, and since ancient times, people of India passed on this prophecy from generation to generation that a future Buddha will be incarnated 2,600 years later to the land in the far East.