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At Happy Science, we call the act of offering a donation: “Happiness Planting”. It means to plant seeds today that will blossom into happiness for future generations. In essence, Happiness Planting gives us the opportunity for us to put into practice the spiritual act of giving love without expectations.

Happy Science is non-profit organization and because of Happiness Planting donations from supporters and members, we are able to carry out many different activities that serves the happiness of people and society and to also build locations such as branches and temples that enables further study and self-development. Through Happiness Planting, Happy Science was able to establish educational establishments such as a HS Academy and also a university (HSU) for the youth to study the Truth, and also become active in politics with the founding of a poltical party for the realization of happiness in society. Such seeds sown will support the happiness of generations in the future.

Furthermore, we also welcome other forms of support such as your time and skills to volunteer in various missionary works to share these teachings of Truth with others, and also providing space for our activities. By supporting our mission with a selfless mindset and heart, also contributes to your own spiritual growth and joy. It teaches the importance of spiritual values, such as in selfless giving and supporting in ways we can, is more important that earthly values.

Happiness Planting is an important part of our spiritual training while on earth that helps us to overcome our ego and attachments. When we practice giving for a higher cause with gratitude and faith, God acknowledges and values such an act.

How to Donate

Online donation

You can donate online at the link below.

Making a Happiness Planting (Donation)

At local temple or branch

Please contact your local temple or branch for more information on how you can contribute to Happy Science with a offering of Happiness Planting or other ways in which you wish to support our happiness movement.