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The New Resurrection Book

In this book, you will learn about:

  • Chapter 1: This section recounts the incredible story of Ryuho Okawa’s resurrection from physical death. At the age of 47, Okawa suffered a severe episode of chest pain and was rushed to a local hospital where physicians diagnosed that his heart had actually stopped.
  • Chapter 2: Contains a transcription of a live Q&A session from the 2019 lecture “The New Resurrection” in Tokyo, Japan, where Okawa candidly recounts how his life has changed post miracle.
  • Chapter 3: Okawa publishes 15 select poems, out of 108, that he composed from his hospital bed amidst a modest recovery.

The New Resurrection is an autobiographical account of an astonishing miracle experienced by author Ryuho Okawa, who resurrected from physical death in 2004. The event was adapted into the feature-length Immortal Hero, released during the Fall of 2019. At the age of 47, Okawa suffered a severe life-threatening episode and was rushed to a local hospital. Attending physicians remarked “you should be dead…” as the medical examination revealed that Okawa’s heart had stopped. Astonishingly, during the onset of cardiac arrest, he was actually fully conscious and responsive, witnessing the startling diagnosis from a team of respected physicians. Today, Okawa lives with the readiness to die for the Truth and has dedicated his life to selflessly guide faith seekers towards spiritual development and happiness. Okawa’s inspirational account of death and recovery proves that we all harbor an innate will to live, regardless of circumstances. Indeed, the kind of miracles that occurred 2,000 years ago during the age of Christ continue, with astonishing manifestations of faith occurring to this very day.

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