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The Laws of Steel Book

In this book, you will learn about:

  • Chapter 1: Teaches the topic on how to invite prosperity. Happiness and prosperity are already inherent in all of us—the starting point is to first change our mindset. 
  • Chapter 2: This section explains the law of cause and effect—the basic principle to achieve success. If we want to be truly successful in life, we need to understand this universal law and humbly accept the outcome of our own thoughts and actions.
  • Chapter 3: Okawa refers to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and how we should live and work in this modern society. He also suggests us to do “inspiration-able” work and gives advice on how to receive good inspirations from heaven that can help to solve the many difficult challenges that we face in life and society.
  • Chapter 4: Okawa shares his personal experiences on how he has achieved success with the power of self-confidence, passion, and the heart of gratitude. He also offers his guidance on pressing global issues such as Iran and Israel, and presents solutions to overcome conflicts between Christianity and Islam.
  • Chapter 5: Okawa talks of his mission and determination as a savior, and calls on people to live in a spiritual way and contribute to create a better world.
  • Chapter 6: This final section reveals the power that leads to miracles, and shares the many miracles that have occurred to the members of Happy Science. He also emphasizes the importance of having a pure mind, giving love to others, and using prayers to open a brighter future.

The Laws of Steel: Living a Life of Resilience, Confidence and Prosperity is the 26th volume of Ryuho Okawa’s internationally lauded “Laws Series.” In this context, steel refers to our true strength as children of God as we all possess an inherent power to manifest happiness and prosperity in our lives, and to overcome all evil or conflict to usher a Golden Age (2020 -2030).

This potent and inspirational book teaches how we can achieve true happiness and prosperity by changing our mindset and accumulating wisdom based on the “Law of Cause and Effect.” Okawa asserts that we all have a noblesse oblige to fulfill prosperity and, once realized, are expected to contribute to the well-being of others and society at large. In addition, Okawa delves into gripping sociopolitical issues related to North Korea, China, Iran and Israel, and offers concrete suggestions to mend divergent cultural and religious perspectives. With the profound future-oriented wisdom conveyed in this book, we can overcome conflicting values and cast a new societal framework based on spiritual Truth and respect for God’s masterful intentions.

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