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The Essence of Buddha Book

In this book, you will learn about:

  • The story: Shakyamuni’s inner journey to enlightenment and how he discovered his calling.
  • The Eightfold Path: a positive day-to-day guide to self-reflection and inner discovery.
  • The Six Paramitas: a guide to mindful and constructive living.
  • The void: a belief in our spiritual essence that brings true happiness by liberating us from attachments to material things.
  • The law of causality: a way of seeing our past, present, and future as fruits of the seeds we’ve sown.
  • The path to enlightenment: a way of life aimed at attaining human perfection and lifelong compassion by cultivating our inner strength and infinite potential.

In The Essence of Buddha, Ryuho Okawa imparts in simple and accessible language his wisdom about the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha’s philosophy of life and enlightenment—teachings that have been inspiring people all over the world with inner peace, wisdom, and spiritual happiness for over 2,500 years. By offering a new perspective on core Buddhist thoughts that have long been cloaked in mystique, Okawa brings these teachings to life for modern people. The Essence of Buddha distills a way of life that anyone can practice to achieve a life of self-growth, compassionate living, and true happiness.

This book is also available at Watkins Bookshop located in the heart of London.

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