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Margaret Thatcher’s Miraculous Message Book

What are Spiritual Messages?

For over 30 years, Ryuho Okawa has been conducting spiritual interviews with the spirits of great figures and well-known people who passed away in recent years. Not only that, he has also conducted such interviews with the guardian spirits, or hidden consciousnesses, of living people. Some of these spirits include Mother Teresa, Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Steve Jobs and the guardian spirit of Donald Trump. The purpose of conducting spiritual interviews is to prove the existence of the Spirit World, reincarnation and guardian spirits, and to enlighten people of the truth and diversity of the Spirit World. Okawa has published more than 900 books of the spiritual interview series. The number and content of these books prove that spiritual messages are not fiction, but rather a real spiritual phenomenon.

On April 9, 2013, just nineteen hours after Margaret Thatcher’s death, Master Ryuho Okawa summoned her spirit to hold a miraculous spiritual interview with Europe’s first female prime minister, famously known as the Iron Lady. The effects of her frail health and the senility of her later years were apparent during the beginning of the interview, because it was held immediately after her death, before her spirit could become adjusted. However, it was not long before her spirit regained the strength and confidence of character that had so defined her leadership during her term as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

In words marked by her signature clarity and determination, Margaret Thatcher provided valuable answers to essential and timely questions. Her answers will prove helpful not only to the United Kingdom, but also to the global economy and governments all over the world, including those of the United States and the European Union.

If you are interested in learning more about the topic of spiritual messages, you can download our PDF booklet.

Diligence is the mentality that will lead the United Kingdom to become a future oriented society. …Labour unions love to indulge in playing, and they don’t make the effort to get success, money, or honour. …if you want to get something important, honourable, and respectable, you must be diligent. … and have a good influence on the people that follow you.
— The Spirit of Margaret Thatcher (on why socialism is bad) —

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