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Love for the Future Book


While the world witnesses large-scale Hong Kong protests of the Beijing administration, rising tensions between China and Taiwan, and the suppression of Uyghur people’s basic human rights; how does God see China’s growing influence in the world? What does God think about Germany, the leading country of the EU, building closer economic ties with China while still harboring memories of its WWII-past?

To protect the freedom and democracy of the world, what does God wish for the United States and other countries to do?

In Love for the Future, prominent spiritual leader and international best-selling author, Ryuho Okawa, presents concise solutions to these global issues by way of his unparalleled spiritual ability. With this insight, Okawa urges freedom, democracy, and faith to stand as the three essential pillars to individual happiness and world peace. In this book, you will learn vital guidelines for responsible decision making and principles to actualize a future of hope. Here, you will and where God’s justice lies.

Other topics covered in this book are:

  • What is God’s perspective on inter-racial hatred?
  • Between freedom and equality, which is more important?
  • What did communism really actualize?
  • What is necessary to thwart the occurrence of a World War III?

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